Pulverized Plant Power for the People!

Smooth Moves is a mobile smoothie business operating out of Nelson, BC. Providing customers with 100% natural dairy free smoothies, coconut milk soft serve ice cream, smoothie popsicles, infused hot and cold beverages and delicious healthy treats.

We are non-dairy, vegan, gluten free and locally owned in the heart of the Kootenay’s in beautiful BC!


We strive to provide the public with a life altering experience in the convenience of a compostable cup. We offer premium non-dairy smoothies made with strictly organic ingredients, as well as locally crafted Kombucha, coconut milk soft serve, smoothie breakfast bowls and more super-foods!


As passionate festival goers we feel strongly about participating in conscious way. We strive to provide what mother nature has graciously offered and accelerate every attendees experience to maximum capacity.


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